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Alışveriş merkezleri

Alışveriş merkezleri

KAIQI integrates many innovative ideas into product development and design, and creates a playful and immersive experience space in the mall. It attracts the attention of children and parents through novel themes and beautiful appearances, and integrates children’s gender, hobbies, age and other characteristics as well as parent-child The need for interaction is integrated into the project, creating a shopping mall entertainment space that is entertaining.
KAIQI launched large-scale shopping malls and playgrounds for different age groups, based on the fun of children's growth needs, to build a planet suitable for children's growth, play and creativity. Stimulate all kinds of fun amusement items, let the children and parents spend an unforgettable parent-child time here.


The paradise in the shopping mall is aimed at children's nature like drilling, climbing, sliding, rolling, jumping, etc. In the choice of colors, styles, and themes, in addition to considering children's preferences, they also continuously improve their aesthetics and balance the sense of space, allowing children to exercise It strengthens physical fitness, stimulates potential, and promotes brain development.
Through an independent space and a multi-dimensional theme, children’s entertainment experience is brought to a greater extent, and the fun and novelty of exploration is enhanced to a greater extent, from the start of entertainment to the actual exploration. An open parent-child interactive experience project, with interactive climbing games such as ocean ball pool, rainbow crawling, and fun rock climbing, to create an immersive adventure experience.

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