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KAIQI aims to create a community play space that respects children, complete the reconstruction and activation of public spaces in child-friendly communities with urban design techniques, and actively guide children's values and behaviors with the concept of space education, and integrate the community space. Designed to create a brand-new amusement device for children to meet the diverse needs of children in the community.
Through a series of design for child-friendly play space, KAIQI meets children’s needs for outdoor activities such as ball games, running, water sticks, etc., and provides children with a fun and colorful childhood that can learn and grow together with their parents. Community play space that can cultivate creativity to meet future challenges.


At the same time, art elements are appropriately incorporated into the community activity venues to provide children with an entertaining and learning experience, such as setting up children’s educational games and exploration, making the children’s exclusive space more valuable and educational, and creating a friendly growth for children. The community allows children to play happily in interesting designs, and constantly creates new scenes and new experiences for residential amusement.

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