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Oteller ve tatil köyleri

Oteller ve tatil köyleri

KAIQI builds a regional cultural tourism benchmark based on the regional cultural background, including the overall equipment model, scene design, concept extension, functional integration, etc. to extend the theme, perfectly integrate the non-powered park and the resort, and provide all ages to participate in the play To build an eco-friendly family vacation center that is entertaining, and to create a one-stop family vacation destination for parents and children.
KAIQI designs different activities space and content for children of different ages, and makes full use of the combination of playground equipment and the theme of different areas of the resort to provide adults and children with a scene immersive recreational experience, creating a resort atmosphere and increasing the stay time of parent-child tourists.


At the same time, in the creation of the hotel scene, KAIQI pays attention to strengthen the zero-distance parent-child experience, combined with the architectural style of the hotel, and made full use of the hotel space to customize the playground for children, creating recreation equipment with children as the core to drive the interaction between parents and children, and improve parents' Participation promotes parent-child interaction in the hotel's outdoor park.

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